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Scroll saw & Band saw – Which You Should Buy for Your DIY Projects?

By knity / August 29, 2016

scroll saw band saw

Many newbie woodworkers come to a roadblock when choosing between the scroll saw and a band saw. Indeed, it is quite understandable because the scroll saw and the band saw look so much alike. You would almost think they are the same power tool, but they are not!

In this short guide, you will learn the difference between the scroll saw and a band saw and you will come to know exactly what you need to choose, whether it is a scroll saw or band saw for the work you have at hand. So, do you need a band saw or a scroll saw, and do you know the difference yet? Let’s get rocking!

Accuracy & Precision

One of the main difference between the scroll saw and a band saw is accuracy and precision. The scroll saw is mostly a specialized tool for cutting extremely accurate and precise contours in materials. If you need extreme precision, as in a DIY work or wood artistic rendition, then you will need a scroll saw to perform this task.

Mostly because of the accuracy that the scroll saw offers. However, what the scroll saw offers for accuracy it leaves aside for performance. The scroll saw has terrible difficulty in working with a lot of material and you will often find yourself reaching out for a new spare blade. Indeed, the scroll saw is mostly used to work on small areas and not on larger ones.

If, however, you need to cut a lot of wood, and not necessarily straight cuts, then the band saw is an ideal power tool. The band saw is used to cut a lot of material with great precision very fast and very efficiently. In fact, the band saw is more like a scroll saw but to work on larger projects. Just like the scroll saw, what it lacks in accuracy, relative to the scroll saw of course, it offers for great efficiency in working with a lot of material. So for example, instead of working on artsy projects and DIY projects and you need a very accurate cutting tool for, for example, building a table, then a band saw is more suited than a scroll saw.


One other key area that distinguishes the scroll saw from a band saw is that similar to how a jigsaw works, the blade of the band saw is fixed stationary and you need to use your hand to maneuver the material. Coupled with the fact that band saws are generally more powerful than scroll saws, you can amount to much work in very little time. The band saw is a great timesaver and even life saver for carpenters who work with wood all day long. It offers the precision and accuracy of a scroll saw but for larger surfaces making it an ideal addition to a busy workshop.

Indeed, the speed and accuracy you get with a band saw is bar none and it will quickly deliver your work, granted that it is from an expert and skilled hand. But don’t worry, operating both the scroll saw and a band saw is quite easy and very intuitive in nature. Even beginners will quickly find their hand at operating those power tools within a few minutes, if not seconds.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for extreme accuracy and precision then go with a scroll saw. If you are looking for relative accuracy and great performance in working with a large amount of material, then go with a band saw.


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