Multimeter Buying Guide

By knity / March 8, 2016

Mutimeter buying guideAs we knew, the multimeter is the most popular tool for all people around the world. This is the most necessary thing for all electric technicians. The multimeter is used for the work on testing, repairing, setting and troubleshooting.

Because of its application, there is a number of kinds of multimeter in the stores or websites that made the buyers feel confused. They don’t know how to make a choice of the best multimeter which is long lasting and has a reasonable price. Sometimes, they buy a fake multimeter which causes them a great deal of money, but its longevity is too short. Today, we will give instruction of how to buy a multimeter.

In fact, due to the popularity of the multimeter, the manufacturers produce a wide range of this equipment on the market. Many factories just pay attention to the interest and they don’t mention to the safety of the user or the quality of product. This is the reason why they buyers usually have to deal with many problems when purchasing the multimeter, if they don’t have any related knowledge.

It is frankly to say that if you don’t want to waste money on the fake multimeter, you need to learn about it by yourself. There are few things that you need to take into the consideration before buying.

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1. Resolution and Digits

Resolution is not a strange concept. This is the signal change of the input that is the smallest one. This change can make the altering of the output one. The resolution is displayed by the digit number.

2. Accuracy

When you make a decision of buying a multimeter, the most important factor is the accuracy of the multimeter that is the limitation of the maximum error readings. It has to give the accurate specifications.

3. True RMS converter

The RMS value is known as the curve with a certain value and it only work under the waveforms of sinusoidal and cannot if there are waveforms of more complicated nonlinear.

4. Input impedance

If you compare it with the entire impedances of the circuits, the multimeter is quite high. Actually, the operation of the circuit have not influence on the calculation of the multimeter. However, it has an adverse effect on the readings. If you want your multimeter can read the specifications more exactly, you should opt for the multimeter with high input impedance.

There is something you need to focus on when you want to buy a multimeter. Hope that this sharing can provide you a concrete foundation to decide which one is suitable and meet your basic need. Wish that you can enhance your knowledge about a new machine that can be helpful for your work. We hope that you can purchase a multimeter which has a high quality and accuracy.

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