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Our Top 7 Picks – Best Benchtop Router Table Reviews For 2016

By knity / October 24, 2016

One of the most indispensable power tool that you need in the workshop in order to deliver quality work is the router table. Indeed, without a good router table you can hardly accomplish any good or quality work. But don’t worry, a good router table should not cost you a lot of money. In fact, the best benchtop router tables available online are very affordable and very beginner friendly.

So, you have absolutely no excuse not to get a good benchtop router table.

In this best benchtop router table reviews guide, we reviewed some of the best benchtop router tables that we know of. They will not disappoint you because they are all very high performing and used by many experts in the field for years.

1. Porter Cable 698

 porter cable 698 router tableThis is a router table that many experts in the field stand tall behind. It is an iconic router table that has for years inspired many beginners in the woodworking industry. The benchtop of this router table is made from machine and aluminum and measures 19 inches long by 16 inches wide.

It is big enough to accommodate almost any project you work with every day. If this is not enough, the benchtop can also be extended by a couple feet so that it can welcome larger projects. It is unlikely that you will use its feature, but it is nice to know that it is there if needed.

The Porter Cable 698 sits firm on the ground and there is no wobbling with this router table. In fact, the base is especially made so that it absorbs shock and vibration while in operation. It can achieve all this despite not being the heaviest of benchtop router tables out there. At only 38 pounds, it is relatively light weight compared to bulky are benchtop router tables that exist.

The fence is made almost entirely out of MDF material and is also removable so that you can retrofit your own custom one. This is handy if you like to customize your work or prefer a particular fence out of personal preference. Along with predrilled holes on the plate, you can get extreme accuracy and a standardized work in case you want to work with other routers of other brands. This is also one of the beauty of this router table, as it can accommodate routers from other brands and not necessarily Porter cable.

And for those who like to keep a clean workshop, like we do, then it has an extremely efficient dust collection system that will also allow you to retrofit a third-party vacuum pump 28. This is one of the few benchtop router table models that we know of that has such a feature. And we are glad that it comes with it, because it works wonderfully well and helps really keep the workshop clean. This is most definitely one of the best benchtop router tables that exist.

2. SKIL RAS900

SKIL RAS900SKIL make absolutely fantastic benchtop router tables.

This model from SKIL is well regarded as one of the best benchtop router tables that exist in the world. And there’s a very good reason why it is held to such high esteem.

The first time you look at this model you will think that it costs a ton and weighs a lot. You will not be further from the truth. This model is not only very good-looking and elegant, but also affordable and lighter weight. This means that you can easily move this router table around in the workshop in case you need more space to work.

Best, it has in the compartments where you can store your power tools away from prying eyes. You can easily hide your power drills, send an almost anything you find in the workshop on the side of this benchtop router table. It is not a very large router table, but it is not small either.

Whether you work with a lot of material, which are large or small, or a lot of material then this router table we easily accommodate all of them. Indeed, it is a very productive and high performing router table and this is the reason why many people who have used this router table absolutely love it.

This benchtop router table does not look modest, not by any means, but it still has some simplicity to it. The fence is easily adjusted and movable and can deliver extreme precision in your cutting. The router blade is at the right position and sits firm while cutting. You will not notice any vibration in this router table mostly because how SKIL engineered it. All in all, this is one of the best benchtop router table out there and we highly recommend it!

3. Bench Dog 40-001

Bench Dog 40-001The bench dog 40-001 is a highly acclaimed benchtop router table and possibly one of the best looking and most discrete looking router table in existence. You will not think much when you first see this router table, but its simplicity works very well. Indeed, this router table look more like a piece of furniture that a power tool. But looks can be deceptive, especially in the world of power tools and this model from benchtop is an extremely high performing benchtop table.

The fence is made from MDF why the benchtop from cast aluminum. It has predrilled holes and offer great accuracy while cutting with a router, especially that bench dog made those drills standard in size. Therefore, you can now accommodate all your other power tools into this router table and it will fit like a glove, so to speak.

The whole router table is made almost entirely out of MDF material, which with some imagination you can even customize with you your own paint job. It has all the bells and whistles of a good benchtop router table and best of all, it retrofits as a power tool cabinet.

So, if you have a lot of power tools laying around then you can easily store them inside this model. We have not met anyone who have anything bad to say about this benchtop router table, mostly because it is a phenomenal one! In our opinion, bar none, it is one of the best benchtop router table that is currently on the market.

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